We at Hermit Tobacco Works Company (HTWC) have been privileged to support more Pipe and Tobacco shows in the past 14 years than any other dealer or individual. Our first show was the next to last Indiana Briar Friars show. 
That show is where we meet the first person to help us...Frank Burla. Now that's another story for later...
During the 14 years we were privileged to receive more awards in more categories (in more cities) than anyone could wish for..."Tobacconist of the Year 2003" from the Conclave of Richmond Pipe Smokers "Dunhill Celebration" and "Best Dunhill
Display" 2003  from the Conclave of Richmond Pipe Smokers "Dunhill Celebration" are just 2 of the awards. We were also honored to bring the Basil Sullivan and the Tom Dunn collections to the collectors markets. Enough about HTWC...for now...

Pipe shows have certainly changed.
No smoking in the show area at the New York Show and now Columbus, Ohio is definitely a major change. We will still support the Columbus Show, as we have supported the New York Shows. (we have  displayed at every Columbus show)...and what about the CHICAGO EVENT??....Time will tell.

A show that has had a 20 year run, with smoking in the show area, is The Saint Louis Pipe Club's ANNUAL GATEWAY PIPE SHOW...This year the show is 02.16.08 at the Hilton Saint Louis Airport. SHOW UP! If you can. This is a great 1 day show, in the middle of our great country, where you can fly in, take the Hilton bus and be at a show that has a history in The Art & Pleasure of smoking a pipe. Saint Louis would be a GREAT city for a National Show for many reasons. How many can you think of?...Start with the number states in close proximity and go from there! 

HTWC will not let the SMOKELESS NUTS stop us from supporting any show we can attend! That is why we have attended every NEW YORK Show that has been SMOKELESS. The only New York Show this year 2008, that we know of, is April 5th. The hotel has a new name, and who knows about the future of the New York Shows? We will have more about this year's (2008) Shows as they come up.

Because of the numbers of pipes we have sold over the years (1000's), we have been able to smoke pipes from  many makers . We have smoked pipes from Bo Nordh to Dr. Graybow and 1000's in between. Page 2 has some of Hermit Tobacco's smoking pipes. 

More information about Pipe Shows 2008 continues on page 3, with new information on the Chicago Show. 

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